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IDK, "Play Your Way" still seems fairly accurate in that you can wear whichever tac/amp/set bonus you want via horizontal gearing. It has nothing to do with acquisition.

It also has nothing to do with this thread.......
I brought it up in the context of how an individual person pursues conquest on any number of toons. Play Your Way isn't just about gear acquisition, its a philosophy. When the Devs:
  1. increase the total for personal goal
  2. increase the totals for guild targets
  3. increase one-time-only "event-specific" objective values
  4. decrease repeatable objective point values
then the logical outcome is that as the week progresses, you will have less and less event-specific objectives available to your alts. This serves as a practical limit to the number of alts you can get through conquest. Its not a theoretical limit, because, in theory, you could craft 690 invasion forces per toon and get the personal goal. But what can happen "in theory" and in practice are two very different things.

Alt play, and alt involvement in conquest, is a means for an individual player to contribute their efforts to the success of the guild and still have those efforts benefit multiple toons. It is also the only way small guilds can often compete for medium/large planets or compete on the leaderboard. There can be no doubt this is a nerf to alt participation in conquest, whether or not you agree its good for the game long term.

By nerfing and otherwise dis-incentivizing alt participation in conquest, you are nerfing a form of the "Play Your Way" philosophy. Hence, its very on-topic.
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