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10.12.2019 , 12:11 PM | #25
If they have upped the point % and 50k an alt is basically the same as 15k, WHY change it?
Why are they so bent on re-inventing the wheel so to speak?

This is going to tank the guild that the hubby & I have slowly built since spring.
It's already hard enough to get people to join & stay so you can grow to have members to actually do guild stuff. Most want either want to remain unguilded or already join an active established guild.

Conquest is mainly run & completed by the hubby & I. I take care of Pub and he takes care of imp. Once Pub is complete I'll hop to the other side & help bring it to low yield.
That's usually 5-7 toons for me alone conquest. Just doing conquest goals. (We do have a few members that help. Like 1-2 each side, but we can't rely on them as a lot seem to be focused on the stories/leveling. With one member, he conquests as he levels it seems so depends on what toon he's working on, what side he's helping.)

We also have RL so we can not spend 24/7 in game. As it is now, we only have 2 expansions unlocked on the Imp ship. None on the pub ship.

With the conquest mats already being tied into High Yield from what I read the other day, it seemed small/med guilds will be done for.
Seeing as now for small yield it will also be 500k for it. We are doomed. The only time we might make 500k on conquest is Dantooine. (And according to some above, they've changed that on PTS.) I also already plan my conquest. I alt around & get points to maximize toon capping.

This is ridiculous. *sighs*

It's honestly to the point should we try to even keep the guild going or just sell it & urge the few active players we have into larger guilds.
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