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As you clearly pointed out, the GSF community is small. This is why separate queues will do more harm than good. If anything we should be pointing at the matchmaker for creating imbalanced teams that result in lopsided matches.
So...unbalanced teams are bad?

I'm confused that you think so, since premades exist solely to create them.

At least we've advanced in one particular. None of these defensive premade players any longer deny they make their groups to stomp PUGs. It's refreshing that they've dispensed with the lie that they're just trying to find other elite competiton.

Are premades the only problem GSF has? No
Are they the biggest problem? Probably not

In fact, I explicitly said this in my first reply, before you all started the "MAKE YOUR OWN PREMADE LOLOLOLOL" gibberish.

But the reality is premades are bad for GSF. Don't want to split queues? Fine. Get rid of premades then.

Not being able to make youtube videos of your 1000 to 3 wins is a small price to pay for better, faster and healthier queues.