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Currently a deathmatch has a maximum of 50 kills per team and a maximum of 10 minutes for the match.
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Teams with a maximum of 4 players would need to reach a score of 350 points to win the match.
The current time limit is 13m 50s, not 10m. The average match for me lasts 9m 23s. I feel matches currently are a bit too short. As to your suggestion of 4vs4 Domination to 350 points, a team could win in less than 3 minutes. That's too short to try any strategy. Your numbers are not right. If you adjusted your numbers, I'm still not crazy about your general idea. The maps are big for 4vs4 or 6vs6 and you are going to have too much downtime with no action. Or say two players go down on the same team. Now it's 4vs2 and it could be very hard to recover from that. By the time the first two respawned, the other two could be overmatched and shot down, and the cycle continues.
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