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Hum....I supposed I would call myself a casual player yes . Im here for the story , but stayed for the great ambiance

Im a gamer in my heart though , been playing games since the Atari . It is in my blood and Im planning to go to Nintendo heaven if there is one

I dont do PVP because of the hostility you find there . I also dont do OP or warzone , because Im a casual Subber lol . OPerations are locked out for those who are not a Sub .

And last , I belong to a guild where Im the only population everyone in my guild bailed when that Flagship nonsense came around . Peoples fought over who get what and who will raise the money of it . Next thing you know , Pouf! guild is empty and Im the only one there . I see the number of 200 something but nobody ever log back . So Im guessing they left their Alt there and started somewhere else .

But factor in moving targets? I'd be an epic fail as a healer, for sure. I don't even want to imagine me in some party, trying to keep everyone alive.
Nooo! dont say that ! Take it from someone who when she started , she was healing the Mob! haha . It take practise but then you shall Rulez !

Some planets I loathe having to deal with either because of the perceived length of distance between destinations, or the grind-like nature of the planet missions there.
Voss and Hoth right ! Cose those are the 2 planets..that have the longest road dont even get a snack for driving that long .

Did you do the old heroic+4 when they were around ^ Do you miss those ^
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