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I guess he mean s it the other way round : Standard, stock basic fighters are soon going to die out, because everyone just upgrades.

At one point, not upgraded starfightersmight be consifered "farming fodder", so to say.
/sigh galactic Starfighter is not as broken as the pvp is right now. there will be no FOTOMS no bolster (god I hope they don't add this) and gear is as how you earn it. if you spend the time playing it you are rewarded accordingly. I sure hope that it remains as pure as it is now relying more on skill and cunning to win the dog fight. the scout ships go fast and dodge, the gun ships hit hard and move slower. its all in your play style. players should note that whining will only destroy the only good pvp that this game will have and that is galactic Starfighter.
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