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The point was that people who don't upgrade their ship will, if I understand the matchmaking, have a slight advantage over the people who do. I was expecting that efforts spent upgrading would provide an advantage - not too big to unbalance things or too small so the MMO audience thinks they are not being rewarded for the grind.

It's not a big deal; it just struck me as curious for an MMO.
But that is simply a small advantage that continues to diminish over time. The only real advantage someone has by not upgrading their ship is having a better grasp on the flight mechanics and knowing where to go in each map. New players can pick that up fairly quickly anyway, even with no previous experience playing space flight sim games.

What was painfully obvious during testing, however, is that lack of such a matchmaking system pretty much puts the side with starter ships at a complete disadvantage when matched against a side that has upgrades. In more than one match, because of the limited number of testers playing at the time, there were cases where one team only had the initial ships while the other had most or all unlocked and it was no contest - the "lower" team was shut out more often than not.
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