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11.18.2017 , 05:48 AM | #3
underperforming sorcs... nice one...

I suck at my sorc, but I do understand how the skills and priorities work - how to line skills up to not completely suck in damage... now imagine what somebody could do who actually mains a sorc and has an even better understanding....

Also - roll is fine, it's just concealment and as long as you stay in front of them and kiting them with slow you should have no problems, if you're melee class (op/sin/jugg/mara/pt) and can't kill one than they are probably just better than you and would have killed you anyway :P

Also keep in mind - this mmo isn't created to make every 1 vs 1 situation absolutely fair with even chances (that's not even possible) - so deal with it :P
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