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It's easier said than done (particularly for PVPers coming from other games.)

For instance, you might get CC'd next to a gun tower in the 'Civil War' warzone and decide to hit tenacity (which is not on the GCD) and immediately follow with an instant attack (say Electrocute) to stop the node cap.

This rapid succession of events ends up with a very high failure rate for that attack ever actually going off. You might sit there for 2-3 seconds doing a "false start" of the animation while the ability never actually lands on the target. You might even see the animation go off entirely but nothing actually happened.

If I hit 'r' I expect jolt to go off immediately; not after waiting patiently for the game engine to accept input from me. Even if it was a GCD scenario and I'm just mashing a hotkey in rapid succession then the ability should fire at the next available GCD.
I'm a PvP'er that came straight from WoW, yes it's annoying yes you can get used to it until they fix it. Saying that warzones are unplayable is just exaggerating. Once again i have the problem too no need to explain it to me i'm simply saying it's not just you EVERYONE has this problem.

People are acting like it puts them at a huge disadvantage they said they're working on it, so until then deal with it the game is perfectly playable. It's almost as if you want them to post on every 5 pages saying 'Hello we're actively working on this thank you for your patience.'.