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01.25.2013 , 05:30 AM | #84
I simply adore Vette.

Like many others here, Vette is the only companion so far which has really affected the way I play my character. While going full dark side never was an option for me (since about half of the darkside options imo are not about fighting for the empire but simply about being an arrogant jerk), I wanted to go "neutral". Needless to say, Vette pulled my solidly over to the light side.

My Vette favourite moment so far (I am paraphrasing, since it happend some time ago), happend upon leaving Balmorra (IIRC).

Vette (sarcastic): So, off to another world to destroy and dominate.
SW: You know, destruction is always only the last option for me.
Vette: Well, your list of options must be awfully short then. I just hope that the next Planet at least has a beach.