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A good friend of mine told me that he remembers seeing a specific developer vod a while back which basically said that 5% only works in PvE and the 50% only works for PvP.

I have a lot of conflicting statements that it works and doesn't work. That's why today I am going to makes sure to thoroughly investigate and figure out if it's true or not.
Nice, keep us posted, really would like to know for an absolute certain xD thanks for the time you put in to test some of these mechanics.

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This thread is the best one on the topic I could find, it evens answers the question of whether taunt affects redirected damage. It is pretty old, but I don't think anything really changed in this department, so it should still hold up, although more testing is of course never a bad thing.
Nice find, didn't see that thread when I tried looking some years back. I will read that thread when I get home from work.
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