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01.01.2012 , 04:09 PM | #18
I'm a Tele Sage, I bought Qyzen mod-able armor in my mid 20s and fully geared him with End/Aim (bought armor slots as I could afford it from the auction house). Right away I could notice a huge difference with his tanking ability. Yeah, money was tight because it's expensive to gear up two characters as you level, but it was well worth it.

Any elite since lvl 25 or so has been a cinch. Just have Qyzen attack the elite mob, and dps and watch his health, at about when Qyzen hits 40% HPs just start healing him and the mob will go down. Many fights I didn't have to heal him because the elite mob died when Qyzen at 15-20% HPs.

At lvl 37 Qyzen is running around with 9700 HPs or so. I don't know how other 37 sages do when I mouse over their Qyzen and their companion only has like 7000 HPs