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My favorite part was when Lana said the Eternal Alliance wasn't strong enough to combat both the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire if any hostilities broke out, and that we need to choose sides. Sorry, but what were Arcann and his brother doing in this trailer then?

So we lost the Gravestone and a couple of Eternal Fleet ships parked around Odessan, and we're good for nothing just like that? That the Empire and the Republic, despite losing a lot of assets such as manpower and resources--both of which are now ours or dead--and starving for either, are now stronger than us? The frack?

Could be worse. They could be complaining about others complaining.
Everything in this post is what I think in a much more polite way than I have been saying. Even without the Gravestone & the eternal fleet the alliance should be the most powerful faction in the galaxy; we have all their former experts, masses of resources (including the whole planet of Odessen) and us at the centre. We should be known as the Odessen Alliance. Anyone in our alliance should not be still tied to their former faction or be giving side-based ultimatums (given the choices made whilst we were fighting the Valkorians) - they made their choice and should be loyal to the alliance (which didn't happen in 5.10). We should, now the emperor and his crappy family are dead (or subdued & recruited) be the most powerful person/group in the galaxy with the Republic and Empire begging us for help. We should be able to choose which side to help in openly (not covertly) whilst maintaining our alliance. Even the resurrected former betrayer is no match for or equal to us. It's just rubbish. And I still play it because its "Star Wars"! They know my weakness
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