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No - it's an idiotic storyline. The decision to go back to rep vs. Imp and downgrating the alliance is one of the worst story decisions ever.
No, i don't think so. 3 things are true imo:

1) Empire vs Republic / Sith vs Jedi is the core of Star Wars
2) We didn't have that content since the class stories
3) Many people wanted to return to Empire vs Republic

While one enemy for both makes sense from a dev perspective (one story fits both sides, meaning the dev of the content is cheaper) it starts to hollow out the Star Wars setting itself.
Also, the ending of KOTET left the writers cornered. Without turning the game into a Total War: Star Wars strategy game there was nowhere no go except downward. We had a fleet, we had an army, why the hell are we still scavenging energy cores or dealing with trash mobs? It made no sense after KOTET, while it did made sense to go on missions when we were building up the Alliance. Therefore the Alliance had to be downgraded (i did find it's execution a littlebit cheap though, the droid fleet becoming sentient again and deciding to go rampage, forcing the Alliance to blow them up would have been more fitting and had allowed a return of Scorpio in case she wasn't destroyed)
Now the devs are torn apart again between players who want to get ridd of the Alliance once and for all, returning their characters to thrall status and those who enjoy the Alliance and having power, who don't want to be pushed around again by some Sith leftovers or spineless republic noobs who let us take the heavy lifting of saving the galaxy and then take all the perks. Personally i belong to the second faction, i don't want to be a servant again.

The devs acknowledged the problem they face from a story perspective, and from what i have seen, their solution is a compromise noone will be happy, but most be able to live with.

1) We remain the commander of the Alliance
2) The Alliance stays in wild space
3) To keep the Alliance out of the fighting as much as possible we are taking care of our allies tasks personally

We will still have mission briefings and cinematics on Odessen when an arc starts / ends. But that's about it as far as Alliance content goes. I may be wrong, but that's what i got from the devs talk and 5.10