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So we lost the Gravestone and a couple of Eternal Fleet ships parked around Odessan, and we're good for nothing just like that? That the Empire and the Republic, despite losing a lot of assets such as manpower and resources--both of which are now ours or dead--and starving for either, are now stronger than us? The frack?
Could be worse. They could be complaining about others complaining.
As far as i understood the cinematics and ingame mails post Nathema, the Alliance lost everything related to the eternal throne: The Gravestone, the entire eternal fleet, the control of the droid army and it's fabrics as well as the throne itself. The Alliance's entire remaining forces are made of what it had post KOTFE, meaning a bunch of imperial and republic cruisers and frigates minus the Gravestone. The ground forces are few and mostly stationed on Iokath to keep a grasp on it's technology and ressources, but not enough to stand against the republican / imperial forces on Iokath on it's own.
And since Zakuul declared it'S independence, all the Alliance controls right now is Odessen and the fleet tower on Iokath. During the state of the galaxy report, Lana mentioned that the sole reason why the Alliance is still considered relevant is because of the individual quality of it's members. the commander recruited many of the best and brightest of the galaxy during the war against Zakuul and most of them remain with the Alliance. Thx to the spoils of war and Dr. Oggurob the Alliance has the technological advantage too. So, right now, an attack on the Alliance would be costly, even without the Gravestone fighting off the enemy fleet. And since neather the Republic nor the Empire has ever shown any interest in wild space, an attack on Odessen isn't just worth the risk since it would leave the attacker vulnerable.

As of now, the Alliance is an auxillary force and outpost of the Empire / Republic inside wild space. Personaly i hope we will return for a short mission to post war Zakuul during 6.X (including a daily area, the level already exist, so come on Bioware, do it). Maybe to negotiate some wild space treaty to power up the Alliance again. But i doubt it. I don't want to be Acina's / the Republic's b**** again. Some imperial trooper fanboying when he is rescued by the commander an Anri wasn't enough after all we did for the galaxy. I want power! Unlimited power!!!!!