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Ok, been thinking about what each class lacks, and came up with a few ideas:

Inquisitor: Like someone said earlier, an Imperial Trooper that's a love interest for females. Would have to work hard to make him different from the ranged tank for warriors, though. Should be a ranged tank with aim stat, I haven't gotten Xalek but I think he might have a tendency to get into melee range for basic attacks, which isn't always what you'd want.

Consular: A male jedi sentinel. Wears medium armour, and functions as another melee DPS. Not sure what his personality would be like, maybe he could be a semi-redeemed sith marauder?

Bounty Hunter: Their own baby Rancor. Maybe make it a genetic experiment so it's sentient, and can hold simple conversations with you?

Agent: They're missing a strength companion, and yet the only thing that makes sense is Dr Lokin, who they already have. Maybe he could tame one of the larger Rakhghouls for our covert operations, or find a brawny volunteer for his experiments? Alternatively, my suggestion earlier where you recruit

Trooper: A female addition to havoc squad. Maybe the best pilot the republic has to offer? PLEASE don't put her in aim gear, I've had enough of those.

Smuggler: Either a jedi tank like Xalek, or a jedi DPS like Kira. Or maybe a new ranged DPS jedi, that uses force attacks a lot? As long as they take willpower gear.

Warrior: Pretty well balanced crew, all they really need is another droid. Seeing as HK-51 is around the corner, it may not be necesary, but I'd like it if they get a haywire interrogation droid for a ranged/melee dps droid.

Knight: Has one of everything. Really, about the only thing I could see them needing would either be a tech melee DPS like Torian, or a willpower tank like Xalek. Could make them a DS love interest for male jedi?
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