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Yes, that what I was talking about. Obviously if the kinetic force of the blast is too high, the wielder would be pushed back, his wrists would snap or something like that. I would guess that a Lightsaber can take more then the frail body of its wielder, but how much more?
Well, a Jedi increases their physical abilities through the Force, so they can take more than normal.

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I knew about Cortosis, but I always wondered if there is an in-lore explanation for this. If you can dig up something it would be appreciated.
Alright, I'll get back to you on that tomorrow.

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This would also be interesting to shed some light on. Is it because force lightning is electrical energy such as the lightning of a thunder storm?
What about the Saber used as a mind focus to better channel the force?
To the first question, likely so. To the second question, I'm not sure what you mean. That the lightsaber acts as a conduit, an enhancement so to speak? I believe The Essential Guide to the Force denies that claim. Let me get back to you on that.

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Don't get mad at me, but I always thought the Lightwhips took the concept of the Lightsaber too far anyway. They seem a bit silly to me, even in Galaxy that has Lightsabers. Just my opinion, though
But your point of deflecting blaster shots back at the shooter is a very good one, indeed.
I find the Lightwhip interesting, personally.

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Ah, yes. The Lightsaber of Baras is a very good example of this bond I was speaking about.
Glad to help.
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