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06.18.2020 , 11:43 PM | #14
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I always hoped that the writers and storyboard designers would implement a "companion slot" like, maybe as a default it'd just be Lana like usual, so if you don't have an available companion. In case you do have a companion with you, then the same scene will play but the companion accompanying you would occupy the dialogue spots that Lana normally holds.
For scenes where a character adresses you that aren't necessarily you companion I'd make use of the romance flag, so those that have a romantic interest to their character could get to interact with them as well. Basically if you have a romance, they get the spotlight, if not then Lana.

The characters that most people care about are romantic options in the first place, so I think it could be a compromise between "implementing all companions" and "implementing no companions"
This is actually a great idea. Kind of a happy medium for developers to not overwhelm them with re-implementing every single companion, but it would be great for people who, yeah, just want the romanceable characters. I, myself, would be just fine with it.