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It is very simple. The devs cannot change the difficulty of content just for you. It really is not all about you. Show a little bit of responsibility for your self and edit your own experience to your liking. You are like the guy that goes to the resteraunt and demands that the chef add salt to every dish for all customers because you like salt. You can add it yourself easily, but you insist that the chef give it to everyone because you are too lazy to do it yourself. show a bit of initiative and deal with it.
Did you even read my post?

You are making all this stuff up.

Do you have reading issues or do you just fantasize about what you want me to have said and react to your fantasy instead of to what I actually said?

Because what you are accusing me of is simply false.
Don't freak out, I'm just here by the grace of a referal. Nothing more.