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Overall I am really disappointed. I know that Rishi has a scrappy, pirate-town feel and I wasn't expecting a Bahamas getaway, but there were some nicer buildings in Rishi, like the ones that you visit during your little class mission and the cantina. Couldn't those models have been used?

I feel like the stronghold was designed with *only* PvP in mind and no thought that someone might want to make a home for characters there. I will not be buying it.

Specific suggestions:

You have to walk through the PvP area to get anywhere else in the SH. Even if you are not going to PvP your companion goes away and you get a red message on the screen that it is a PvP area.

PvP gives me anxiety. it is upsetting ro even think about being in a PvP zone for me. Yes, it's my own issue but it's a thing. I don't want to be told I'm walking into a PvP area every single time I enter a stronghold and I don't want to have to walk through that area to get to other places. I'd want an option to disable all PvP features entirely so I don't lose companions and don't see that red message.

1. Hooks in the buildings for lighting fixtures
2. More wall hooks
3. Wall and floor hooks in the hallways to cover up the grease and dirt
4. Enough flooring hooks in the buildings to cover the dirt
5. An option to remove or hide at least some of the junk. None of my characters want to live in a junkyard with burned-out husks of equipment everywhere. There are a few areas that might make decent gardens if not for the garbage everywhere.
6. Ceilings in all the buildings.

I like the beach area and the adorable little turtle! I wish more of the SH looked like this area.

I like the ship a lot more than the ground areas. It's not as nice aesthetics-wise as Imperial ships, but it will do.

1. A a quick travel point here. I'm really never going to use the gross junkyard, so I'd love to be able to port to the ship.
2. I really like the training area. I don't want PvP but it's nice to have a little place to practice abilities.
3. It would be nice to have wall hooks in the quarters.
4. More solid floors and less of those grates.
5. An option to get rid of the piles of garbage on the sky bridge.