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First off, Rishi is darkly beautiful. It was very well thought out and in terms of aesthetics I think you nailed what you were going for perfectly. It was always advertised as a pirate haven so it makes sense that it's got a slum look to it since that's where all the pirates hang out in the SoR story, so I expected it to be that way. I'm definitely going to buy it but I'm personally going to ignore about 60% of the area and focus on the beach, hidden cave, and ship areas.

That being said, I would love to see more hooks of varying sizes along the beach and possibly some in the water as well. Perhaps a few more centerpiece size ones as well with the ability to change them to the standard 4 large, large med mix, etc. to offer those who want the beach type stronghold more options to decorate that specific area.

The only issue I have with the ship is the lack of hooks along the main corridors. It would be nice to have some large hooks tossed in here and there in the center of the corridors just to add a bit of flair to the relatively barren walkways. The top of the ship though is perfect. Not really interested in the PvP options but the regular stronghold hooks have a great selection.

Addendum: Apparently the layouts weren't working on the beach in regards to the Starship hook. Having gone in again they loaded in this time and I am quite pleased with how many options we have and how they are laid out.

Now if only we could get the Shadow of Revan Rishi Torch decoration cap increased to say.... 200... or 999.... then I'd be satisfied. 10 torches isn't going to light my tiki bar properly.
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