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do you really think "nerf" a class is the right answer. I dont' think it ever is...why not bring up the classes rather than being negative with nerfs.

nobody likes nerfs. nobody likes havign to grind to GC 300+ and then have that class "nerfed"

truly think about what you are asking for and if it's a good user experience that will keep players playing the game.
Tbh, looking at the dmg meta right now, I feel like sorc and merc (apart from def) heals are balanced and the op is underpowered. You simply cannot heal through the single target burst, even less so if you are interrupted and your ****** defense can't be compensated by kiting, since melees right now have 100000 gap closers, slows and roots to prevent you from rolling, not to mention how incredibly effective e-net and sniper area ''move with 1 cm/s'' crap are at keeping you where you are, while you recieve the burst of your short life.

It's not about the healing itself, it's okay how it is (maybe a little more st heals), it's about survivability, since sniper, merc, mara can just rape you.