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Operatives have always been a very strong class. The only thing that truly needs change is the fact they have literally no interrupt immunity. This wasn't a big deal in 3.0 where the meta was cleave and you kept everyone up with HoTs; you really never needed to cast heal. After 4.0 things changed, now you are forced to cast heal constantly which makes interrupts hurt a lot. In group rank this gimp makes them unplayable vs. a competitive team who rotates interrupts 3-4 constantly while constantly mezing/hardstunning on CD. Operative in enjoyable and strong till every cast heal gets interrupted and you aren't able to get a heal off for 50% of the game. There is literally nothing in an Operative play book that helps in this situation.

If the developers cared they could just remove interrupt immunity from Sorcs (so they could at least be on the same playing field; they really don't need it anymore) or give an ability/utility that allows operative healers to have interrupt immunity. If they really don't think its necessary please come do group ranked verse competitive players who rotate interrupts healing on an Operative healer. I can't stress how not fun it is to sit through white bar after white bar with interrupts rotated on you as a Operative. The healer in broken at that point.

In other categorizes like survivabilty or healing in general they are balanced. There are slightly strengths and weaknesses to their abilities but its not game breaking like no interrupt immunity is.
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