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Keep in mind most of 5.x meta revolved around the utility changes. Mercs got Trauma Regulators and that kolto enhancer. Maras got ruthless aggressor as well as a ton of utilitys being stratigicaly combined in the right tiers for easy selection. Snipers got healing roll and healing ballistic shield.

Most of 5.xs meta was decided by the new utilitys, and last time I was on pts, my jugg didnt have any changes to utilities, so unless they changed that, we haven't seen the utility changes for 6.x
That's a possibility, but I'm not sure the Utilities will be changed that much with 6.0, rather the main change to the balance of play coming from the Tactical Items and Set Bonuses (to a certain extent the new abilities). Could be wrong, but BW making massive changes to Utilities WHILE adding in the Tactical Items/Set Bonuses would seem to be too crazy for them.
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