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People also like to not even look at the healing done by the other team. One healer had 420k healing. How much of that mitigated the effective damage of the sorc?

I'd also like to point out that this game was not balanced so that each class has a chance to beat another class. This is a rock, paper, scissors game. Period. And sorc/sage is the only class to not actually have a hard counter. If you think they have a hard counter, you don't know how to play this so called "countered" class.
Did that healing not also mitigate the damage of every other player on his team?

And as the other dps classes have a much higher single-target damage capability, does this not also mean that healing more effectively counters the sustained damage of a Sorc as opposed to the burst damage of others?

Your argument of: "If you do well against Sorcs, you just don't know how to play them" is ridiculous at best.

Also, for hard counters, see: Sentinel/Shadow.
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