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Who's considered the most powerful Force user of this time? Vitiate/Valkorion. The only one stronger than him is the one who can defeat him. And the vision confirms that it will be the JK who eventually defeats the Emperor for good. So JK is the strongest PC
Yeah I'm pretty sure that plot point has been thrown under the bus by now. Whatever class you play as in KoTFE (or whenever the time for Vitiate/Valkorion to be killed off for real/be redeemed comes) will be the one to do it . Or it might even be an NPC like Vaylin or Senya for example. Anyways I'm 99.8% certain that the "only the Jedi knight can defeat the emperor prophecy" will from now on be either never mentioned again in hopes of making players forget it ever existed or it will be handwaved away somehow.
Also just on a side note: defeating the strongest Force user does not automatically mean that you are stronger than said forceuser. Most of the time it just means, that the hero lucked out somehow or the villains god-like powers somehow failed them all of a sudden because the plot demanded it.