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Ok lets take it logically first he is a Darth right? Second a Dark Council member right?
Now lets see what we know about Darth's well each of them have a power base of some extent proved by quite a number Darth's we meet.
Lets take Darth Angral for example he had 4 sith lords under his command and a huge ship and a army is that true?
Now was Darth Angral on the council? No he was not and yet he had quite a powerful power base.
Lets take Darth Baras for example he had about 4 apprentices we know of and a freaking intelligence base surpassed only by Darth Janus also a small army.
Darth Baras was also not a dark council member.
And then comes Darth Thanaton actual council member how many sith where did you all saw during the Kaggath?
How many of them where Darth rank and how many darth and lords where killed by the SI in the struggle that took years who where subordinates to Thanaton?
Now was Darth Vengeance a dark council member and a Darth?
Angral had 4 Sith Lords under him. This is possibly what Vengean has in his compound; four Sith lords. And a lot of Sith that's outside of his compound, that serve him through his other apprentices (like Darth Baras), or are out doing tasks. Angral has a huge powerbase, but it's not big compared to Thanaton's, Baras' or Vengean's.

I'm not saying that Vengean doesn't have a lot of Sith Lords under him; however, I'm stating that Vengean doesn't have most of his Sith inside his personal compound. He's fighting a war; his apprentices, Sith-followers have to be out waging war, doing tasks he has specified them to. Also, of course, a lot of the Sith aren't directly under him; A lot of the sith are under his servants (Like; under Baras; or under other of his Servants that has their own powerbases within his powerbase)

And yes, Thanaton has a huge powerbase; obviously. But he has his own powerbase that he spend decades on getting, as well as the entire powerbase of his former master whom he kills. Keep also in mind that the SI kills more Sith during the Kaggath than the Wrath did during his attack on Vengean's stronghold(or than the Wrath on Corellia, for that matter) due to it being a Kaggath; powerbase vs powerbase, and therefore Thanaton had almost his entire powerbase stationed at Corellia.

Vengean on the other hand, most likely didn't have his entire powerbase stuck in his basement, he had the 3 or 4 sith you kill to get keys. Of course I may be wrong, but I can't see the point in having 10 sith in his basement, just like I can't see Thanaton send a dozen sith to assist as powerful Sith Lord in killing two mere apprentices. And I can't see all the other Sith filling their homes with lots of sith either. A few, yes, but unless there's a specific reason to, then huge portions of the powerbase won't he in the basement. Therefore most of the Sith-kills are simply game-mechanics. It would be madness otherwise. "Hehe I'm just gonna save my apprentice, better ready myself to kill those 13 sith Assassins.."

Vengean and Thanaton probably had pretty equal powerbases, but the fact stands that Vengean had just been weakened from the failed war-effort due to Baras' treachery which probably took down a rather big portion of it, and I seriously doubt that he recalled all of his Sith to sit idle by in his basement. His loyal apprentices, sure, but most of the Sith-NPCs you see aren't really part of his normal defences, they're out doing missions and leading the war-effort. Therefore most nameless NPCS aren't relevant. Sure, the troopers are; but force users are something different and there's very, very few not-named NPCS that you kill that's actually kills. The Jedi strikeforce-commander for SI on Alderaan or the Cyborg Sith-Guards on Corellia are some examples. And the JK kills some nameless Sith as well; but ALMOST all of the nameless Sith or Jedi are simply game-mechanics.