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Greetings Zandilar,

The graphical issues you are describing might be due to corrupted files in your Star Wars: The Old Republic game data. I would advise to run the repair function located in the lower left hand side of your launcher by clicking on the cog symbol and choosing ''Repair'' (please note that you must be logged into the Launcher to do this).

Generally speaking you can run the repair function whenever you feel some game features do not work as they should as this may well be caused by a file corruption.
Quote: Originally Posted by Zandilar
I don't know if this is just some kind of artefact with my install of the client, but by the time anyone responds to this report I'll be past it, because it otherwise seems to function as normal.
I am happy to hear that it seems to function normally, however, please let me know should you require further assistance regarding this.
Quote: Originally Posted by Zandilar
I had one more problem with this part of the mission too. Jaesa doesn't seem to be her light side self when responding to Master Timmns, she makes mention of destroying obnoxious Jedi, which just doesn't seem right coming from the mouth of a woman who still cares about doing the right thing.
Zandilar, please feel free to visit our Suggestion Box should you have any suggestions or ideas regarding this or other aspects of Star Wars: The Old Republic. We are always interested in constructive feedback.

Thank you!
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