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You know I posted a thread back when I left the game about how I was just absolutely sick and tired of playing every match watching healers just stand there healing people all day while being nearly unkillable.

Seems years later they still haven't learned their lesson. It's almost like they don't give a crap about PvP at all.

I feel healers do not belong in PvP at all, ever, in any game, forever forward and hope every MMO from now on is more like Blade and Soul where there are no stupid healers.

But at the very least for the love of god do something about this crap in this game.

Every single match, and I mean EVERY single match, healers are healing 20-40% more damage than dps are able to dish out.

That's cause healers are balanced around PvE content. You know big giant mobs that can 2 shot a dps. They're not balanced for PvP at all.

My last game is just like every game. Top damage is 3.2mil. Top healers are 3.5mil, 4.8mil and 5.2mil.

Total deaths was like 10? for a 15 minute game?

That's less than 1 death per minute in an 8v8 match. Give, me, a break.

And I can't wait to hear the 'git gud' or 'learn your rotation' or 'stun him' or 'cc him' replies. Can't wait to hear them for sure they are coming.

Cause you know when there's 6 of us all beating on one healer, stunning him, inteerrping him, knocking him backwards, while he just sits there spamming heals and getting healed by another healer, it's obviously a 'git gud' situation right?

PvP heavily needs diminishing returns on healers. I could list you 5 very very good reasons why healers don't belong in PvP at all and what makes them just stupidly OP compared to tanks or dps but you know this is long enough already.

Just wondering how long is this going to continue before someone on the PvP team actually gives a crap and does something about it? Or do they feel getting 10 kills in a 15 minute match, that's less than 1 death per minute and less than 1 death average per person, is fair fun and balanced PvP game?


Lemme take this a step further just to explain how absolute retarded your PvP is in this game.

Healers are standing in the acid in your games sitting there healing themselves to pad their stats. Which is dumb in and of itself. However when we pile up on guys standing in the acid they STILL don't die. They just stand there healing away all the meanwhile laughing at the 5 dps smashing their faces in. I saw a guy last a good 45 seconds or more while standing in the acid before he finally tele'd off once he realized he was going to do.

Just how farking stupid can the game get people? Seriously.
Tell it to my marauder with 6.0.-7.0k dps who recks target while healer barely can cast a few abilities. Yet iam talking about solo ranked and for regs i can only suggest restriction for every pvp match for 1 healer on one side and 1 healer on other side. As for ranked no changes are needed. Players in ranked damaging hard and mezzing healer which makes this role extremely difficult.

If you talk about ranked it is just l2p issues