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03.14.2013 , 09:30 AM | #824
Did not read all the post so not sure if this has been mentioned. Best targeting I have seen and used in all the MMOs I have played was in SWG. You could set up targeting so you could cycle targets outward or cycle targets inward. Outward started with closest target to you and worked its way out (these were targets in your line of sight). Inward started with the target longest distance away and worked its way in.

This would be great in a Void match. As a healer standing in the back healing and someone starts to pop the door, I just use my Inward targeting to get a lock on him quickly to interupt. It really was a great targeting system. I always used outward for the close range melee, and used inward for the ranged in the back. I have played a couple other MMOs that used versions of this targeting, but never worked as smooth. Most MMOs use the standard tab targeting sadly.