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What I find - suggestions and perspective
I assign the scroll key on my mouse with scroll down being nearest enemy and scroll up being center screen. All good except in pvp. I know there is a difference in speed in PVP and PVE and alot less tolerance for an error so this is why my frustration is magnified, also I keep my fps on and notice if FPS dips below 15 this is when toons start to skip in and out and targeting is broken. I know my machine is older and I do not have the fastest speed, but instead of listing everything I will let ya'll not Im in the recommended for category for hardware and I still get the same FPS with full bars and less than 57 lag. Not trying to move from targeting to lag, but the major area for complaint for both is in PVP

Now to give BioWare a break, fewer complaints for that way older other thing that was made sometime after the model T, because there was/is alot less to deal with as far as active processes and sysytems to balance in real time. I work on web sites and have gone to work only to find that what worked fine today and was alot simpler is now broken and you have to learn and invest in new technologies and methods that then create a whole set of new problems that you just fixed last week. This nightmare is driven by both the consumer and industry.

What does this mean, even when the game runs slow and everything is going haywire please let me use qwik keys to target effectively. No movement on the screen or wireframe controlled POV should be less stress on all processes and fewer broken keyboards.

I just want to hit [rephrased to] the enemy I can see over the head (in roleplaying where it is allowed).
click >target>click qwik key ability (fire/defend/heal) == fighting chance
the rest is up to me