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I'm sure Schubert regrets answering that question now. The "major update" is obviously 1.4 as the last patch was mainly features.

There is easier solutions such as adding hood down models of existing armors in game or just allow neutral synthweaver robes to be use by both sides and retain the hood down look.

I never did see the logic in having all Jedi robes with hoods up and Sith robes with a mixture.

It should have been a launch feature.
Agreed. If I were to guess, I would guess that they want the hood to appear on the robe regardless of whether it is up or down. All the robes in the game seem to have a model where it has the hood up or down. Getting that into the game might be a hassle.

But honestly, as a customer I'd settle for less. There are head items in the game that can remove the hood, such as the jedi consular's headgear. I do have that tiara on my jedi consular... but I hate to use it, since it sits across my character's eyebrows. Not to mention, it looks silly. So I'm forced to stick to the Jedi Initiate's Vestments.

So, I'd settle for a hood toggle that does the exact same thing like the jedi consular's headgear; removes the hood completely. That shouldn't be too hard to implement, should it? They already have the tech to remove the hoods :/ .....................