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Neutrality is the true key to balance. I don't see how Jedi don't see that. How can balance exist if there is no Dark-Side?

I think the Revanites are fairly close. They follow sort of the same teachings as the Sith, though.
The Jedi are light but don't try to make the galaxy light. The Jedi do not reject dark side concepts nor do they condemn the dark side entirely. They teach it's members not to embrace it but even aside from the Sith there's plenty of dark side religions and followers. The problem is it's the Sith that throw things out of balance by corrupting everything they see and spreading darkness through the galaxy.

The Jedi may use the lightside but what they truly follow is the force. If it's the force's "will" for them not to get involved. They won't. Even if that means many people will die. The Jedi are keepers of the peace but don't force their view on others. This is why they don't abolish slavery or other negative concepts. The Jedi teach not to fear death or mourn someone's loss but to accept it instead.

You can be light while working towards balance.

Pretty much the Jedi don't go "Let's eradicate anything Dark Side related and all who follow it." it's more.. "The Sith are very dangerous and need to be stopped whenever they crop up." The Sith are also the only ones who want to destroy an entire aspect of the force (Many times outright wishing to eliminate the light side entirely.)