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Well first up I'm going to address the math, this is really freaking hard to read man. Not only that it feels almost impossible to try to check your numbers since your timelines are like "here's the answer I got".

If you do decide to do something like this again I'd recommend a time line something like:

-0s Ion shot (Damage to shield) (Total damage the target's taken so far) (Accuracy of the shot)
-0.37s Ion shot (Damage to shield) (Total damage the target's taken so far) (Accuracy of the shot)

This way we can follow along and see exactly how much damage they've taken and easily see what's going on. It let's us check your math a long the way too, that way if there is a mistake at some point we can easily see where it happened.

Next up in your first post you put the weapon swapping at a 0.3 second cooldown and in the second one it's got a 0.5 second cooldown. Please if you're going to change something that drastic edit the first post or delete or something, THIS IS SUPER CONFUSING for anyone that isn't really familiar with this stuff. Hell you don't even explain why you changed this value!

I do like math based posts like this one, but I feel like maybe you needed to spend a little more time evaluating what you were trying to say and how to get anyone that read your post to be able to understand it.

Now onto the practical aspect, mostly to answer Ttoilleekul's question.

Pile Driver will almost always win the joust and there's a few factors here on why, I'll try to go over them quickly.

First up, the activation of Quick charge shields hurts the Heavy/Ion build way more then the Piledriver. All you have to do is wait for them to swap off of Ion's and fire that first Heavy shot then activate QCS. This will give you sudden boost of shields that should help you absorb 2 additional Heavy shots, bonus points for doing it just as the second Heavy is going to fire, so they have less time to swap to Ions. QCS doesn't hurt Pile driver in anyways they just keep doing their thing and piling on damage.

Next up, Pile driver actually wins the damage race, the only reason the math says Heavy/Ions wins is because here's a higher chance Piledriver will miss a shot. However if you simply activate Wingman, Pile driver now has 99%+ accuracy on all shots and will always win the damage race.

Lastly, when dealing damage in pvp you want your damage to do as much damage as possible at the end if possible, so while Ion/Heavy will strip the shields super freaking fast it takes much longer to kill the hull. Many players only start defensive flying once they've lost their shields, against the Ion's this gives them tons of time to simply leave the joust if they think they're losing.

Now as for build vs build in general play that isn't a joust, Pile driver wins by a huge margin.

Heavy/Ions require a ridiculous amount more paying attention of when they're shields are going to run out, so you lose a ton of map/spacial awareness while playing it.

There's also the fact that EMP and Slicing are very popular abilities and being locked into Ion's is freaking awful.

I've actually been playing a bunch of Ion/Heavy this week on some alts to get a better feel of how to answer this post and let me tell you it is not a fun ship to play vs anyone even remotely decent. You constantly get locked into Ions, which leaves you with no way to finish your targets. I actually had to fire 11 Ion laser shots at a Strike a couple of days ago just to get a kill because I was locked into Ions for 47 seconds. (Yeah I counted, I was furious)

Now let me tell you what the Ion/Heavy is good at. Farming terrible players! This ship is super efficient on weapon power, so if you don't have anyone bothering at you all, and all your targets are barely fighting back, this ship is going to get you huge scoreboard numbers. However as soon as you start fighting decent opponents you start being at a huge disadvantage and can easily be locked down out of fights.
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