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02.20.2020 , 03:19 PM | #3
Conventional wisdom usually says Piledriver beats Ions/ HLC in a joust doesn't it?

I piledrive exclusively on the T1 strike. (no I do not claim elite ace master level of skill ) but my experience is that all other things being equal, the double hit damage power of piledrive always beats Ion/ HLC in a straight joust.

There are times when I have lost jousts against non-piledrivers. But this tends to bring those other factors into play. As the first shot of Piledriver needs to be an HLC bolt for the rotation to work, you are at a tracking disadvantage where last second turning is involved. While you're still waiting for your reticle to be precisely in situ to start shooting, Ions allow for good accuracy as you are still coming out of the turn. Piledriver needs to be 100% lined up. Leading to your shields being stripped almost before you start shooting. I've been beaten by Ions/ HLC + range cap and tier 4 range option. It was damn close, but as we flew toward each other his range just got the edge. And also a few times by Ions/ RFL at very close range, again due to much better tracking of both weapons as we frantically turn to face each other.

So piledriver is not unbeatable in a joust, and really good pilots aren't easy to shoot down no matter what, but if we are talking about a mathematical situation where skill / scenario / pressure are not factored into it... then surely Piledriver wins this contest?