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There is something hinky going on if your email was permanently deleted by Google. I have never even heard of that happening before, unless you were using it for something against their ToS.
What happened was that there was 24 months of inactivity on the account, an e-mail was sent to my secondary e-mail address informing me of the potential for the account to be deactivated, but I either misread it or thought nothing of it at the time. I have since e-mailed Google in attempts to recover my account, and here's what was said verbatim:


Thank you for reaching out about difficulties accessing your Google account.

We've looked into your request, but unfortunately, we can only restore access to a deleted Google Account if the request is made within a relatively short period of time. It seems that your request was filed after this window closed, and your account has already been permanently deleted. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

You can create a new Google Account.


The Google Team"

Google didn't do anything wrong, per se, it was my own inattention to detail that caused the issue and I take responsibility for that. I simply find it hard to believe that verification through e-mail is the only way to "confirm my identity".