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Love is a emotion. Emotion isn't part of the light side. That's canon. I don't know what you're thinking.

I do know the facts, and I've stated already that I think that both Luke and Sidious would beat Revan. I just don't think it'd be a landslide. There's nothing wrong with that. Also, I don't know where you got that 200% number from, but it ain't canon.

This has been off topic. All I've been trying to say is that Revan isn't a push over. I've explained why using canon. If you don't think that he used both light and dark, that's fine. But even if that wasn't true, he is still a very powerful being. That's canon.

I would still like to here why you think Ki-Adi-Mundi could beat Revan. That just baffels me.
The Light Side encompasses certain emotions like compassion and love. However not the same kind of love as an intimate relationship. Love as in a love of the galaxy and life and a need to protect it.

Anakin Skywalker is stated by George Lucas to have the potential to become 200% of Sidious. Luke Skywalker realized this potential.

You have used canon facts, but you are ignoring the canon of other characters as well.

Ki-Adi Mundi was a senior member of the PT Jedi Council and was very powerful. And since the PT Jedi are canonically second only to Luke's Order, that means that he would win.
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