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10.22.2015 , 12:19 AM | #1
So, I used to craft and sell like 100 items per day. Now I'm still doing this (though market's changing, so I don't know how it goes yet - I made like 15mil yesterday, but probably because KOTFE just started and there're lots of buyers), but it's so damn SLOW!

Before, I used to log on my crafter, set 30 items to craft, log on my other character and go play. Now I have to log on my crafter, wait 15 minutes until she crafts those damn grafts, wait another 15 mins until she crafts more, and THEN craft. WTH? Okay, I can switch to other crafters, but - surprise! - cells from Artfice ain't working in Synth, and Cybertech cells aren't meant for Armstech, even though they're using same mats. I have like 10 bio crafters, fortunately, so bio's covered, but it still needs lots of micromanaging.

PLEASE, PLEASE let's get rid of these grafts. It's one bad additional crafting step, and I don't see why the hell we even need to need it.
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