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I had a discussion a year or so ago with someone about this very thing. They told me I misremembered Shadow Strike as part of the rotation. Glad to see I was right! It's hard to remember the ancient times. This is back when Serenity Strike didn't even exist, right?
Correct Serenity Strike was kind of a late addition, but a good one. The spec really needed another button to click.

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I still remember the massive backlash on the 2.0 PTS that they completely ignored. 1.7 Madness Assassin will always remain the most interesting spec in this game. Rest in Peace.
Couldn't agree more, R.I.P. ...

Current Balance/Serenity/Madness/Hatred is a band-aid, though. It kind of has the same buttons, but not the same synergy. Not at all.