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So this isn't entirely for everyone, but does apply to a lot of specs, specifically dot specs. As a tactical item, I would love an ability (could just be an entirely separate ability), that instantly does all of the dot damage on all targets at once. For example, if I applied a scorch to a target and used this ability, all remaining ticks of scorch that would have hit the target over the next X seconds would be applied instantly and scorch would be removed from the target. I would really make dotspread classes pressure with aoe too. If a madness sorc dotspread with deathfield and then immediately consumed every dot on all the targets that they spread to, it would apply immense pressure and would create some very interesting gameplay.

For balancing purposes, it might be worth making it so the ticks consumed with that ability cannot crit, so you'd be trading off overall damage for more burst and to prevent too high of damage hits (imagine if an entire scorch crit all at once). Also making the cooldown of this ability decently long, maybe like 1.5 minutes to make using it feel more satisfying and not just a rotational ability but still often enough where it doesn't feel like a 1 time ability like adrenals, kind of like recklessness. You'd want to use it as much as possible, but you'd want to time it correctly.
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