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Title says it all. I am looking for a place to play with my family and friends without the drama and/or language I do not want either subjected to.

I am willing to work to help build a smaller guild as well. I have some experience with WoW guild management and have run an America's Army clan for years. I have website and VOIP server experience and equipment.
Hi there
The Eternal Order is recruiting! We are the friendliest guild around the server
Want to join a fun and Social PvE/PvP/RP guild? The Eternal Order has Flagship(with slots), Guild Bank and Yavin HQ!. We are a friendly and active guild that will help you do leveling/RP/OPS/World Boss hunts/races and much more. Contact one of us in-game or here at the Satele Shan server
We have different cadres (inter-guild departments) for like minded individuals to group and enjoy the different aspects of the game.
We have an RP cadre, PvP cadre, Mission help cadre, Endgame OPS cadre and crafting cadre.
PvE-Heavy (progression)
PvP-Heavy (ranked teams)
The Eternal Order has Flagship, and Yavin HQ!. We are a friendly Social cooperative guild that will help you do leveling/RP/OPS/World Boss hunts/Conquest/races and much more
For more information, please visit our Guild website:
Enjin recruitment post:
To get invited to the Eternal Order contact any of our members in game
Grandmaster Truemazhargreat of The Eternal Order.
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