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So the people who are against this are against it because they are against it?

Classes are entirely arbitrary. In fact not only are they arbitrary but they are ridiculous. They make it impossible to have a complete character. If Greeks had classes, you'd have one guy with a shield, one guy with a spear, and one guy with armor. When they tried to assemble into a formation with interlocking spears and shields they'd find that they didn't have enough shields, spears or armor because two people didn't have the spears they needed, two people didn't have the shields they needed and two people didn't have the armor they needed. A complete warrior needs all 3. Thus a complete character needs all elements. Every character needs its own offense, defense, and healing. Separating these out onto separate specs and classes does nothing but turns everyone into a cog instead of a complete character. Tanks only require spam healing to justify the inclusion of a class and spec focused on healing. It exists because it exists.

Cannons aren't made out of glass, they are made out of extremely strong metal alloys. Tanks have big guns on them. Battleships were giant armored ships with big guns as well as flak guns for protecting against aircraft. A small ship didn't stand a chance against a battleship because the small ship couldn't injure the large ship and couldn't stand up to the large guns on the battleship.

But that is a complete aside. The whole lightsaber only, dualsaber only, dual sabers only, force user only thing simply makes no sense. A complete Jedi is a master of the force AND the lightsaber. Jedi Academy was the only game to get this right. Splitting these into overspecialized classes has always felt off. It should be the player's own choice of what skills they put on their hotbar and what weapon they want to use that should determine how the character is played. This would have fixed a lot of the problems with the story, including the ridiculously large costs for voice actors as there would only be 4 voice actors in total instead of the ridiculous 16 we have now. This would have also prevented Bioware from violating the first rule of creating a Star Wars RPG, DON'T MIX FORCE USING AND NON FORCE USING PLAYER CHARACTERS! We see the problems from this everywhere, especially now in KotFE and KotET. Think of how much better these unified stories would be if it was told from the assumption that the PC is super strong in the force! No more would we be getting tossed around, beaten, etc!

Being forced to choose a class that you can't change later doesn't make that choice meaningful. Not being able to change something has never made a choice more meaningful. It has simply made that choice unnecessarily limiting. Imagine if you were forced to be whatever profession your 5 year old self wanted to be? People and reality are much more malleable. There is no justification for forcing people to be one class forever. And if someone else chooses to change classes, how is that harming you?
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You can't add completely arbitrary assumptions on to someone's statement. When a statement is made, take it for what it is not for what it could be if you tack on 7 more words of your own choosing.