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I recently switched from Infiltration to Kinetic Combat.

Obviously there is a big DPS hit, but I am pretty tanky. However, as a Powertech tank I feel slightly more tanky due to better defensive CDs (I'm at lvl 27 with this class now by the way). AND I still have nice DPS as a Powertech. Now don't get me wrong, I can still defeat people 1 vs 1 as a shadow tank, but the fights are kind of drawn out slugfests so in most cases it stops being 1vs1 because someone else will show up. Where as infiltration I can win fairly quickly (and give those operatives a taste of their own medicine :P ). I also found tank shadow to be one of the only melee class were I can consistently go toe to toe with a good sniper (including Marksman).

I'd like a little more DPS. Not a whole lot, but a little more to be in line with Powertechs and Juggernauts. Or just some better defensive CDs.
You really need to get to the top of the tree and get slow time before damage output gets good on a shadow tank. Funny thing is I can consistently get near the top of the DPS charts with a full kinetic build if I use DPS gear (with a shield of course), while having a shield and all those defensive cooldowns still leaves me substantially more survivable than a pure DPS build. Only thing I sacrifice is burst really.