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Craftable for "ordinary" materials, they go up to 228-purple, which are learned by RE-ing 220-blue which is learned from the crafting trainer.

236-yellow are learned from schematics that drop in the Umbara flashpoint (?might be the Copero/Chiss one?), and cost relatively small amounts of exotic materials (Charged Matter Transubstantiators and Encrypted Memory Cores).

240-yellow are learned from schematics that drop in the Nathema flashpoint, and cost about twice to make as much of the CMTs and EMCs for a very small increment of stats. (Translation: it might not be worth the effort.)

Be aware that the pattern of which craft makes which augment is different for up-to-228 and 236/240.

CMTs and EMCs drop from all tiers of Command Crates on a low-ish chance. One of them (CMTs, I think) drops from bosses in Master Mode FPs and some modes of operations. The other (EMCs?) drops in ranked Warzones, win or lose, which is the origin of some of the complaints about ranked PvP at the moment.

Neither CMTs nor EMCs, nor the 236+ augments, are bound in any way, and all can be found on the GTN, even if the prices are a bit scary.
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