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Yeah, EA has no intentions to put out a single player game. It's a dying breed, because companies know they can make money after the game launches with DLC and micros. Assassin's Creed is a perfect example. The first game was a work in progress, but AC2 was a critical success as a single-player game, scoring mostly 9-9.5 from reviewers. Subsequent games had them shrink the quality of the story and putting in multiplayer components.
Yes that was the trend for the last five years but I think the fact that AC returned to its singelplayer roots with the excellent Origins and the widespread love and success of The Witcher 3 and The Last of Us, recent singeayer games lately make me feel like the Singeplayer is making a comeback.

Especially since EA has gotten destroyed PR wise this year and their stocks are decreasing everyday. 3 of there major games got destroyed for being rushed and filled with micros and DLCs this year. I would bet good money we won't see loot crates in future games.

Mass Effect Andromeda
Star Wars Battlefront 2
Need for Speed

They gonna have change something up otherwise Disney will pull the plug on license. EA won't go anywhere because their sports games are always huge money makers every single year. But SW in games might not happen if Disney thinks it's too much after dealing with EA.