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I'm still unclear on what a Tactical Item looks like.
Is it a mod that I add to a piece of armor ?
Is it a consumable ?
Is it a 15th piece of gear ?
Does it have a cooldown ?

I'm also fuzzy on how these are different than the Utility system already in place.

Clarifications welcome!
It's kind of clear in their post:
"One of the ways that we’re adding this depth is with an entirely new type of gear slot – Tactical items"

It is a 15th piece of gear. It is not a mod, doesn't have a cooldown (unless they work stuff in like clickable relics), it is not a consumable. It is in a way kind of like the utility system. However, utilities are not "build defining", these items will be. They modify how an ability works. Utilities buff some abilities, but don't (in nearly all cases) redefine how they work and when they are used. In essence though, I guess those items will be some kind of ultra-meaningful utility.

Another main difference is since it's gear, you got to obtain it (and utilities are just there to be selected).
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