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Another thing, I've read that companions like Torian, Akaavi or Yuun, which are melee DPS with Aim as their primary stat are not dealing their most optimal damage because some of their attacks are Wilpower based, could you shed us a light about this with some parses please?
The only glitched companions (to my knowledge) are Yuun and Sgt Rusk. Everyone else has all of their abilities using their main stat.
In other words, as a Knight you're better off with T701 or HK51 for your RDPS companion, and as a trooper your MDPS companion is as good as your RDPS options (Jorgan, Forex, HK51)
ANYONE ELSE still has their melee companion as their best DPS option.

Though im a little surprised they didn't stuff up and make Ensign Temples "force" ability use force power - but at the same time Im glad they didn't

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