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Interesting that the Vector/Nadia parses are so high? Were they significantly better geared than ur HK?

I had always assumed that HK was just the better dps comp all round. Does this throw some uncertainty on that assumption?
I did my best to account for gear differences in my latest update and list each type in order of dps, it's a bit rough though still.

I believe that evenly geared HK is the highest single target Ranged dps, from my testing Melee will always be ahead. HK does have a 30% kill shot that would raise his dps up slightly as well if I wasn't parsing on a dummy.

For my operative, now that I swapped from ranged dps(ensign and HK) to Vector and geared him all out, I can solo Czerka Meltdown, before I used to hit some enrage timers if I went Heals. I definitely recommend giving melee a shot, especially if you have a legacy set of uber gear to pass over
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