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Hello. What should i starting to do at level 70? Ops? FP? CPX?? what shold i prority first??
You might want to narrow down your preferred play style. The things you like to do and the things you are not so keen on.

Such as:

  • Are you social or solo?
  • Like group - small group such as flashpoints or larger such as operations.
  • like PVP or PvE?
  • Like running the same missions on a daily basis?
  • Play for many hurs a day or just a few minutes every now and again?
  • like 1-time story elements?
  • Like sapce combat or want to stay firmly in the ground?
  • Like social aspects, RP, dressing up, decorating?
  • Like grinding for gear a bit, a lot or not that bothered.?

GL. There is a lit to do if you are recently level 70.
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