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Oh man, where to start. There is really a lot to do, but as Steve said it depends on what you want to do.

The best part of the game is the story, so MY suggestion would be to finish the story you are doing. Leveling is soo fast now that you will reach level 70 before you even finish you class story. It would be a good idea to finish at least your class story. Besides that you get many options to do flashpoints so you can do those. There are some stand alone FPS but also a quest which requires to do a sequence of FPS. After your class story you could do some operations which have story themselves, but after the main story line come the expansions, which provide hours, if not days, of content. When you are finally done with all this there are 7 other stories to do. Sure the expansion stories are same for all classes, but the base class stories are unique.

Sure, you can stop the story you are doing and skip to gearing. Gearing is probably the most frequent activity in the game. However you do need a purpose for the gear. Most parts of the game are just too easy and dont need gear so you need to ask yourself if you really need it.

Then there are PVP aspects of the game like GSF and PVP. These are worlds of their own, for GSF you need to play quite some time to upgrade your ship to be even able to survive. PVP is similar, there is bolster, but in order to be able to contribute you will need some gear and learn the tricks and strategy for the specific warzones. So both of these activities require time and playing.

These are only the main parts of the game, besides that there is a ton more stuff like Strongholds, Outfits, Conquest, Crafting etc.
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